Rave (BLU-RAY) Release July 11/23

Rave (BLU-RAY) Release July 11/23

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Rave Blu-ray Trailer from Scream Team Releasing on Vimeo.

Partygoers take drugs that turn them into demon/zombies.

The local underground club is shutting down, but not before throwing one last party. Mimmi (Isabelle Grill of 'Midsommar') drags her nervous friend Lina (Tuva Jagell of 'Girls Lost') along for a night of alcohol, ecstasy and dancing. But as the night nears its end, more and more of the party goers become affected by a strange infection. As people start to deteriorate in the goriest ways, Mimmi tries to find her way out through the club's neon-lit corridors and dark back rooms. However, surviving the night is only the beginning in this hallucinogenic descent into body horror hell.

Bonus Materials

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