Dune (Mediabook 4K UHD/BLU-RAY COMBO)

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The year is 10,191. In a world beyond our experience, beyond our imagination, Duke Leto Atreides falls victim to an intrigue by Baron Harkonnen. His wife Lady Jessica and his son Paul manage to escape to the desert planet Arrakis. There, a substance called Spice is promoted, which sends the mind to where the body cannot be, and enables space travel between galaxies. On Arrakis lives the oppressed people of the Fremen, who are waiting for the arrival of the Messiah. According to a prophecy, he will lead them in the struggle for the liberation of the universe. The sleeping person must awaken. (1 4K UHD + 2 Blu-rays) DUNE - THE DESERT PLANET is the greatest science fiction epic of all time. Even though David Lynch distanced himself from his work because he was denied the right to the 'Final Cut', he directed a huge adaptation of the cult novel by Frank Herbert. In addition to Kyle MacLachlan, who later played the leading roles in BLUE VELVET and TWIN PEAKS for Lynch, Francesca Annis, Jürgen Prochnow, Max von Sydow, Patrick Stewart and Sting were among others in front of the camera of Oscar(R) winner Freddie Francis. The legendary soundtrack is by Toto and Brian Eno.