Kim's Convenience: The Complete Series (DVD)

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Kim's Convenience is the funny, heartfelt story of The Kims—a Korean Canadian family running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Based on the hit play by Ins Choi, this acclaimed comedy explores the multicultural community and the generational tension between immigrant parents and their Canadian-born children with smart comedy and authentic depth.The series is set in urban Regent Park, a rundown neighborhood bustling with immigrants and rich in cultural diversity, at the heart of which is the Kim family and their store, and the series finds laughter in the trials of running a literal "Mom and Pop" shop while raising kids in a culture that is not quite your own.

Bonus Content:

Disc 2 - Kim's Convenience Season 1:

  • What is Kim's Convenience about?
  • Kim's Convenience: From Stage to Screen
  • Inside "Convenience Store" Culture
  • What is a Ddong Chim?
  • A Day in The Life of Appa
  • Behind the Scenes of Kim's Convenience
Disc 4 - Kim's Convenience Season 2:
  • The Impact of Season One
  • Welcome to Season 2!
  • Kim's Convenience in New York City
  • Meet the Kimbits!
  • Who You Gonna Paul?
  • Inside Episode 3: "House Guest"
  • Inside Episode 6: "Resting Place"
  • Bloopers
Disc 6 - Kim's Convenience Season 3:
  • OK S3! Season 3 Mini-Doc
  • A Family Portrait
  • Inanimate Funnies by Andrea Bang
  • Kim's Convenience x Fan Expo 2018
  • A Look Inside: Episode 313 Lord of the Ring
  • Favourite Moments: Jean Yoon
  • Favourite Moments: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
  • Favourite Moments: Andrea Bang
  • Favourite Moments: Andrew Phung
  • Favourite Moments: Nicole Power
  • Life Before Kim's: Jean Yoon
  • Life Before Kim's: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
  • Life Before Kim's: Andrea Bang
  • Life Before Kim's: Simu Liu
  • Life Before Kim's: Andrew Phung
  • Life Before Kim's: Nicole Power
Disc 8 - Kim's Convenience Season 4:
  • OK S4! Season 4 Mini-Doc
  • Season 4 Theme Song
  • Family Dinner
  • Andrew Talks Sneakers
  • Appa Day
  • Umma Day

Disc 10 - Kim's Convenience Season 5:
  • OK S5! Season 5 Mini-Doc
  • OK SEE YOU! The Story of Kim's Convenience