Knight Chills (Limited Edition Slipcover BLU-RAY) Coming to Our Shelves September 26/23

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Avid role player John is a loner and outcast. Even within the insular would of his weekly convening tabletop RPG club, he is both bullied and ostracized. The outspoken crush he harbors for Brooke, one of his fellow players, remains bitterly unrequited. Daunted by frequent humiliations and Brooke’s continuous rejections, John commits suicide in a fiery car wreck. Unfortunately for the game master and the members of the gaming circle, fantasy soon becomes a deadly reality as John mysteriously returns for revenge on horseback in the form of his former gaming alter ego, the vengeful knight Sir Kallio. The members of the club who previously taunted John are slaughtered one by one as the ghostly knight leaves behind a bloody trail of carnage as well as an ominous red rose at the site of each murder.

One of the few slasher movies focused around the world of tabletop role playing games and the highly publicized moral panic that surrounded its enthusiasts throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Knight Chills is equally notable as one of the few pre-digital SOV horror features to be helmed by a woman. Directed by Katherine Hicks and featuring performances by DJ Perry (In The Woods), Michael Rene Walton (The Mourning), & Rebecca Holden (The Sisterhood, Outlaw Prophet), the Michigan lensed Knight Chills remains essential viewing for slasher film completists, role playing game adventurers, and devotees of regional shot on video curiosities alike. Saturn’s Core is proud to present the first ever Blu-Ray release of Knight Chills; newly scanned and restored from the original master tapes and accompanied by a treasure hoard of new and archival special features.

Additional info:

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • New transfer from the Betacam SP master tapes
  • Audio commentary with actor / writer / producer DJ Perry, writer / producer Jeff Kennedy & writer Juanita Kennedy
  • “Knight Chills: Of Satanic Panic and Red Roses” -a visual essay by film historian & author Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • “Running the Campaign”: An interview with actor, co-writer, & producer DJ Perry
  • “Finding Sir Kallio: Recollections of Knight Chills” -new featurette featuring actors Michael Rene Walton & Stuart MacDonald
  • Archival dungeon tour hosted by writer / producer Jeff Kennedy
  • Local TV news coverage
  • “Knight Chills: Special Effects” -archival behind the scenes featurette
  • “Building of a Bad Guy” -archival behind the scenes featurette
  • “Cast and Crew at Work and Play” -archival behind the scenes featurette
  • “Knight Chills 2” -archival camera test
  • Photo gallery
  • Reversible sleeve
  • English SDH subtitles