7 Days In Heaven (DVD) Release October 10/23

7 Days In Heaven (DVD) Release October 10/23

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In the sentimental and insightful comedy about formalities of death,a daughter returns to home village and experiences her father's seven-day funeral.

Adapted from Essay Liu's tearjerking autobiographical essay that won Taiwan's top literacy award, Seven Days in Heaven is a sentimental and insightful comedy about the formalities of death. Mei's father just passed away. She and relatives domestic and abroad set off for their home village to attend the 7-day mourning ritual hosted by a Daoist priest. Together the modernized generation of international urbanites experience reverse-cultural shock with rural traditions that are as fascinating as exhausting. They burn spirit money overnight near the coffin, baw on cues, and kowtow to figures behind incense sticks. The reunion lets the villagers reflect on their interaction with the old man and piece together a fuller image that couldn't be seen from each family member's perspective. After the week-long ceremony concludes, they move on with life with a deepened connection to their root. Mei finally gets to breathe and cope with the loss in her very own way.

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