Howl Of The Devil, The (BLU-RAY)

Howl Of The Devil, The (BLU-RAY)

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Spanish horror star Paul Naschy plays a multitude of roles in a tour-de-force performance in one of his best and most personal films, which he also wrote and directed.

Naschy plays Hector Doriani, a stage and screen actor who feels himself living in the shadow of his dead twin brother, Alex Doriani, a famous star of horror movies. Alex’s young son, Adrian, now lives with Hector in an isolated mansion in the countryside. To keep his father's memory alive, the boy imagines himself visited by the spirit of the dead man, incarnated in a series of classic horror character from the past: Mr. Hyde, the Frankenstein Monster, the Phantom of the Opera, etc. Also making an appearance in the young child’s fantasies is Waldemar Daninsky, the werewolf character made famous by Naschy himself.

Eric, Alex Doriani’s former butler, now also works for Hector. His main role is to locate and bring to the mansion a series of women who are paid large sums of money by Hector to take part in various sadistic sex games. To complicate matters even further, the games always seem to end with the women getting slaughtered in various gruesome ways by a black gloved, masked killer.

Also on hand is horror diva Caroline Munro, as Hector’s housekeeper and cook, who is being pursued by a local priest with whom she once had a much-regretted affair.

The whole bubbling caldron of mayhem and misbehavior really boils over when Eric the butler mounts a séance to bring back the body of his dead master. But it is not Alex who appears… and all hell literally breaks loose.

One of the last films to be directed by Paul Naschy, HOWL OF THE DEVIL was, for many years, impossible to see in anything like its intended form. This first HD presentation of the film shows it at last in its true glory. One of Naschy’s most savage and most heartfelt films, its reappearance is an event worth celebrating.


  • Region Free world Blu-ray premiere
  • Brand New 4K restoration from film negative
  • Spanish Language with optional English subtitles
  • Brand new audio commentary by Rod Barnett and Troy Guinn of the Naschycast
  • Debut of previously unreleased archival "making of" documentary
  • Brand new interview with Naschy's son Sergio Molina, who appears in the film