Le Mans (BLU-RAY)

Le Mans (BLU-RAY)

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One of the most authoritative racing movies ever made.

Le Mans provides fans with the extreme, nerve-shattering and action-packed car-racing experience like never before. Le Mans is a daring, death-defying drive along one of the most perilous courses ever created. Hollywood icon and avid racer Steve McQueen performs most of his own driving for his role as American Michael Delaney, a tough and ambitious racer determined to find victory on the 8.5 mile course, one year after an accident that left another man dead. Filmed on location in France with over 45 international racing stars, this high-adrenaline film provides a fascinating look at the extraordinary cars and unique personalities drawn to the thrill of this high risk sport.

Special Features:

  • Filming at Speed: The Making of the Movie Le Mans
  • Theatrical Trailer