Rio Bravo (BLU-RAY)

Rio Bravo (BLU-RAY)

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On one side is an army of gunmen dead-set on springing a murderous cohort from jail. On the other is Sheriff John T. Chance (John Wayne) and two deputies: a recovering drunkard (Dean Martin) and a crippled codger (Walter Brennan). Also in their ragtag ranks are a trigger-happy youth (Ricky Nelson) and a woman with a past (Angie Dickinson) – and her eye on Chance. Director Howard Hawks lifted the Western to new heights with Red River. Capturing the legendary West with a stellar cast in peak form, he does it again here.

Special Features:

  • Commentary by John Carpenter and Richard Schickel
  • Documentary: Commemoration: Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo
  • Featurette: Old Tucson: Where the Legends Walked
  • Theatrical Trailer