Tower Of Evil (BLU-RAY)

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From horror producer Richard Gordon (Inseminoid, First Man Into Space, Fiend Without A Face, Horror Hospital) comes one of the most brutal and mysterious stories ever to be filmed. Tower Of Evil is a haunting tale set in and around a deserted lighthouse on fog-shrouded Snape Island. The terror begins when a nude, crazed woman slaughters a sailor who was visiting the island. When she is taken back to civilization, an ancient relic is discovered and an expedition is mounted to solve the mystery of the island, leading to a series of psycho-sexual murders. Starring Jill Haworth (It!), Bryant Haliday (Devil Doll), Dennis Price (Theatre Of Blood), George Coulouris (Blood From The Mummy's Tomb), and Candace Glendenning (Satan's Slave) and directed by cult filmmaker Jim O'Connoly (The Valey Of Gwangil). Now witness the horror in HD!