Birth Movies Death: Star Wars Commemorative Edition (Magazine)

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Today, we are thrilled to finally reveal the cover of BMD's Star Wars: The Last Jedi commemorative issue, an 80+ page behemoth packed with character essays, editorials, exclusive artwork and brand-new interviews from some of your favorite BMD contributors. We've been working around the clock to have this thing ready in time for The Last Jedi's arrival in theaters, and we could not be more proud of the final product.

Real talk: the cover alone is worth the price of admission (this is legitimately one of my all-time favorite BMD Mag covers), but as previously mentioned, we've gone the extra mile and wrapped that cover around some truly awesome Star Wars writing. Here's just a taste of what you'll find in our Star Wars: The Last Jedi issue:

  • An exclusive interview with Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, by Todd Gilchrist
  • "Princess, General, Actress, Script Doctor, Writer, Activist: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher" by Jenna Busch
  • "Why The Jedi Have To End" by BMD’s resident Star Wars expert, Andrew Todd
  • “Someone Has To Save Our Skins: Women And The Force” by Mandy Jeronimus
  • “The Force Awakens: Not Just A Sequel, But a Familiar Form For a New Audience” by Sarah Ward

We've also filled this issue with a ton of brand new artwork from renowned designer Chris Bilheimer, along with a stunning new spread featuring a number of Mondo's greatest Star Wars posters.