Lalo Schifrin: Dirty Harry Ost (CD)

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This CD represents Dirty Harry's premiere release, complete with the original sessions masters remixed for stereo. Schifrin achieved an action score that would come to be defined as the quintessential work in seventies action cinema. Urban jazz-funk formed the basis, with a driving, percussion-based jazz ensemble, and a ghostly chorale for the Scorpio scenes. All of the music originally recorded for the film is here. A true collector's item.

Track Listings

  1.  Prologue/The Swimming Pool
  2. Main Title
  3. Harry's Hot Dog
  4. No More Lies Girl
  5. Scorpio's View
  6. Red Light District
  7. Scorpio Takes The Bait
  8. The Cross
  9. Goodbye Callaghan
  10. The Stadium Grounds
  11. Floodlights
  12. Dawn Discovery
  13. Off Duty
  14. The Strip Club
  15. Liquor Store Hold Up
  16. City Hall
  17. The School Bus
  18. End Titles
  19. Floodlights (Take 1) (Bonus Track)
  20. City Hall (Alternate) (Bonus Track)
  21. School Bus (Alternate) (Bonus Track)
  22. The Swimming Pool (Original Version)/Scorpio's View (Parts 2 and 3 Alternate Vocal Take) (Bonus Track)