Spring Fever: 28 Easter Nuggets For Your Spring Season (CD)

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 1 CD with 16-page booklet, 28 tracks. Total playing time approx. 67 minutes.

  • The second edition on the subject of spring and Easter In Bear Family's 'Season's Greetings' CD series.
  • This musical journey through time includes selected titles from four decades, springtime songs and popular hits from 1936 to 1963.
  • Genre-spanning, from jazz and pop to country and R&B to rock 'n' roll - and always hard on the subject - here the rooster and the hen go crazy, the eggs rock & roll and the Easter bunny dances!
  • Rock with fiery guitars comes from Vilas Craig, Link Wray and Tina's former husband, a.o.
  • Also danceable teen rock can be heard! First and foremost Bobby Rydell with a rare number as well as some Doo Wop groups like The Pentagons and The Velvets.
  • Speaking of rare, Bear Family also delivers some tracks on CD for the first time this time, including recordings by Ray Coleman, The Jaye Brothers, Al Allen, Jerry Duane and others!
  • The full-color 16-page booklet includes comments by the producer on each song and, as always, is richly illustrated!

Spring Fever

Yes, the spring fever. Everyone feels it, as soon as the first warm sunbeams let nature awake to new life. Good keyword, this compilation also lets us awake to new life, even in Corona times! With these rhythms and the swinging sound, Easter eggs can be painted in no time. Or better yet, shake a leg! It's Spring Fever!

The musical spring

This Bear Family CD has it all again. Once again we deliver a wide musical range from 1936 to 1963. But far from it, the oldest recording is not jazz, it comes from the Dixon Brothers and is pure original Country Blues. Country music in its traditional form is also provided by Bill Wimberly & The Country Rhythm Boys. But also jazz can be heard from such illustrious artists as Django Reinhardt, Ramsey Lewis and the Andrews Sisters.

Along with hot rock 'n' roll and rockabilly rhythms, there's plenty to discover from pop to twist, including famous artists with rare recordings, such as Pat Boone's classic 'April Love', here as a rare film version, or Ray Anthony with the Bookends and his rare twist version of 'Bunny Hop'. With the CD comes a full-color 16-page booklet with accompanying text on the individual songs and artists, written by the producer, as well as many photos and illustrations!