Chase, Charley: At Hal Roach: Vol. 3 (DVD)

Chase, Charley: At Hal Roach: Vol. 3 (DVD)

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Charley Chase returns with 21 of his best and most outrageous and hilarious comedy shorts!

Charley Chase returns with Volume Three, featuring his last three years of comedies for the Lot of Fun and some of the best sound shorts he made for Hal Roach. Charley at his most surrealistic in films like "Another Wild Idea," "Public Ghost No. 1," and "Life Hesitates at 40," great gag comedies like "It Happened One Day," and "Fate's Fathead," and we even have him cloned in multiples for "Four Parts." Much hilarity still to be had as Charley Chase winds down his tenure at the studio he helped to build. 1934: The Cracked Iceman, Four Parts, I'll Take Vanilla, Another Wild Idea, It Happened One Day, Something Simple, You Said a Hatful!, Fate's Fathead, The Chases of Pimple Street 1935: Okay Toots!, Poker at Eight, Southern Exposure, The Four-Star Boarder, Nurse to You!, Manhattan Monkey Business, Public Ghost #1 1936: Life Hesitates at 40, The Count Takes the Count, Vamp Till Ready, Neighborhood House, On The Wrong Trek

Bonus Materials

  • ¡Huye, faldas! (Spanish language version of “Girl Shock”)
  • Commentary by Richard M. Roberts
  • Poster and Stills gallery
  • Optional English subtitles