Executioner Part II / Frozen Scream (DVD)

Executioner Part II / Frozen Scream (DVD)

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Someone is killing off LA's most vicious criminals and the police are powerless to do anything about it. As the commissioner (Aldo Ray) enlists the help of his top lieutenant, Roger (Christopher Mitchum), to solve the case, Roger begins to suspect that the mysterious Executioner might be his old friend from Vietnam. Outrageous, absurd, and unflinchingly bizarre, Director James Bryan and Producer/Writer/Co-star Renee Harmon's EXECUTIONER PART II is one of the most head scratching pieces of independent cinema to emerge from the 1980s.
86 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

People are being murdered in grisly ways and being implanted with devices that turn them into homicidal zombies. A young woman, who witnessed a killing and now might know too much, is cared for by the strange Doctor Stanhope (Renee Harmon), but the good doctor might be more involved with the bloody goings on than she appears. Directed by Frank Roach (Nomad Riders), FROZEN SCREAM is a fever dream of bizarre dubbing, cheap gore effects and hypodermic needles.
80 minutes / Color / AR: 1.85:1

Directors: Frank Roach, James Bryan
Actors (combined): Aldo Ray, Christopher Mitchum, Renee Harmon

  • DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
  • Restored in 2k from 35mm & 16mm negatives
  • Theatrical trailer for THE EXECUTIONER, PART II
  • Interview w/ Director James Bryan