Ennio Morricone: Barbablu (LP)

Ennio Morricone: Barbablu (LP)

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This is the original soundtrack to the 1972 cult classic Barbablu' starring Richard Burton.

Based on the traditional fairy tale Blue Beard, this version of the film is set in Weimar, Germany and the uxoricidal Barbablu (Burton) is the Nazi Baron Vo Sepper. The female cast includes Virna Lisi, Racquel Welch (Miss Universe) and Karin Schubert (future porn star!).

Directed by Edward Dmytryk and Luciano Sacripanti, Morricone's soundtrack perfectly captures the dramatic and erratic moods of this erotic psycho-thriller with eerie organs, haunting strings, quirky instrumentation, and sultry 60s vibe.

It's good for sitting in the dark when you're spacing out. Remastered Version with bonus and unreleased tracks. 45th anniversary edition LIMITED BLUE VINYL 499 COPIES ONLY
Exclusive for Record Store Day 2017.

Side A
01. Barbablù (Titoli)
02. Caccia
03. Preludio alla prima moglie
04. Una macabra scoperta
05. 1928
06. Interludio alla seconda moglie
07. Barbablù romantico
08. Postludio alla terza moglie
09. Dedicato alla quarta

Side B
01. Il violinista
02. La quinta è in coma
03. Barbablù al crepuscolo
04. Povera sesta
05. Brutta fanfara
06. Requiem per la settima
----bonus tracks----
07. Una macabra scoperta (#2)
08. La quinta è in coma (#2)
09. Barbablù (Titoli – versione film