Pieces: Ost (LP)

Pieces: Ost (LP)

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ARROW RECORDS proudly present the original soundtrack to Juan Piquer Simón’s gore-drenched slasher from 1982, PIECES. This classic horror score boasts a compelling selection of nerve-jangling themes drawn from the legendary CAM library, with compositions by Fabio Frizzi (Zombi 2, The Beyond), Stelvio Cipriani (Nightmare City), and Carlo Maria Cordio (Absurd).

This limited-edition vinyl release of the Pieces soundtrack has been newly mastered from the original 1/4” analogue tapes by James Plotkin and is presented on 180 gram vinyl, housed inside a 350gsm sleeve. The edition features newly commissioned artwork by Marc Schoenbach and accompanying film notes by Stephen Thrower.

1. A Strange Symbol (Stelvio Cipriani)
2. Un’ombra nell’ombra M21BIS (Stelvio Cipriani)
3. Deathwatch (Stelvio Cipriani)
4. Up Country (Stephen Ham, Alain Leroux)
5. Deathwatch --Alt. Version 1 (Stelvio Cipriani)
6. Cocktail Molotov (Fabio Frizzi)
7. Rosso sangue M29 (Carlo Marla Cordio)
8. I Love Blondes (Enrico Pieranunzi, Silvano Chimenti)

1. Rosso sangue M21 (Carlo Maria Cordio)
2. Carlotta and the Professor (Stelvio Cipriani)
3. Rosso sangue M13 (Carlo Maria Cordio)
4. Rosso sangue M31 (Carlo Maria Cordio)
5. Rosso sangue M15 (Carlo Maria Cordio)
6. Rosso sangue M20 (Carlo Maria Cordio)
7. Deathwatch--Alt. Version 2 (Stelvio Cipriani)
8. Un’ombra nell’ombra--Alt. Versions (Stelvio Cipriani)