V For Vendetta (4K UHD/BLU-RAY Combo)

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“Strength through unity. Unity through strength.” In the not-too-distant future, following a deadly pandemic, the United Kingdom is ruled as a police state. Here, truth is what state TV tells us. High-Chancellor Sutler’s Fingermen are the ones enforcing the message to anyone who dares question their government. And those who oppose are imprisoned or executed.

But one man intends to turn the government inside out and expose the lies and corruption. Fourteen years earlier, the masked vigilante V became the grotesque victim of human experiments gone horribly wrong at the hands of supremacists. Now those people, led by the High Chancellor himself, are in power. The time for retribution has finally arrived for V.

Two employees of state-run British Television Network, Evey Hammond and Gordon Dietrich, and an undaunted Scotland Yard detective, Chief Inspector Finch, begin to lose faith as they grow tired of the propaganda and corruption. V himself takes to the airwaves and encourages the people of Britain to rise up.

One by one, V systematically exacts vengeance on his enemies and, in turn, brings the totalitarian government to its knees. In his final act, aided by Evey, V has one more surprise for the people….