Aimee: The Visitor (DVD)

Aimee: The Visitor (DVD)

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A computer hacker unlocks an advanced artifical program that takes over his life and endangers the life of those near him.

Scott Keyes is a brilliant but misanthropic computer hacker who generally prefers the company of computers to human beings. But Keyes' life is about to be turned upside-down. Thanks to some codebreaking by his partners Hunter and Gazelle, Keyes is finally able to unlock AIMEE, an incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence program that appears in the form of a beautiful and seductive woman. But what a smitten Keyes doesn't realize, and what Gazelle soon discovers, is that AIMEE is an advanced infiltration program and has been designed to learn from whoever downloads her, become whatever he most desires, and in the process, to take over, control, dominate, replicate, spread - and ultimately destroy anyone who opposes her. From director Charles Band (MERIDIAN, PARASITE, HEAD OF THE FAMILY) comes this maniacal erotic techno thriller that taps into real world fears and features the world's first villain fully realized using AI software. Voices from the Balcony calls AIMEE: THE VISITOR "Creepy!", says the film is "A Solid Thriller!", Gross Movie Reviews thinks it's an "Effective and disturbing!" chiller and FanZcene screams that "The ending is unnerving, and you won't see it coming!". See AIMEE: The Visitor for yourself...if you dare!

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