Albert Glasser Collection: Volume 1 (CD)

Albert Glasser Collection: Volume 1 (CD)

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Dragon's Domain Records presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION, VOLUME 1 , featuring music by Albert Glasser for HUK! And TOKYO FILE 212.

Dragon's Domain Records, presents THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION, VOLUME 1 , featuring music composed and conducted by Albert Glasser (THE CISCO KID, I SHOT JESSE JAMES, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, THE SPIDER) for HUK! And TOKYO FILE 212, two films from his extensive filmography. HUK! is a 1956 United Artists action film directed by John Barnwell, written by Stirling Silliphant, and starring George Montgomery, Mona Freeman, John Baer, James Bell, Teddy Benavides and Mario Barri. Set and filmed in the Philippines, HUK! follows American planter Greg Dickson (Montgomery) who returns to the Philippines in 1951 intending to sell his dead father's plantation. When he arrives in the country, he finds that it has been overrun by Huk guerrillas, including the rebel leader who killed his father. With the aid of buddy Bart (Baer) and Bart's wife, Cindy (Freeman), Greg helps defend the local people from the rebels. TOKYO FILE 212 is a noirish detective adventure set during the Korean War but taking place in Japan. The RKO picture was directed by Dorrell & Stuart E. McGowan and starred Robert Peyton (aka Lee Frederick), Florence Marly, Katsuhiko Haida, and Reiko Otani. Released in 1951, TOKYO FILE 212 is about a Communist spy ring in Tokyo hard at work trying to sabotage the American war effort using kidnapping, murder, and a disturbed former kamikaze pilot. A U.S. secret agent (Peyton), posing as a reporter, is dispatched to Tokyo to put a stop to these nefarious activities, while befriending a shady woman (Marly). Albert Glasser was a composer, conductor and arranger of film music. One of the most prolific B-movie composers, Albert Glasser started off as a copyist in the music department at Warner Brothers in the late 1930s, learning the art of film scoring from scratch while working under Max Steiner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold. He graduated to orchestrating, and by the mid-1940s was composing his own scores. He scored approximately 200 films during his career.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
    • Opening And Forward (From “HUK!”)
    • Main Title (From “HUK!”)
    • The Calessa Ride (From “HUK!”)
    • They Pass Bataan (From “HUK!”)
    • Kulak Attacks The Boat (From “HUK!”)
    • Coming Into The Harbor (From “HUK!”)
    • His Old Room (From “HUK!”)
    • The Swimming Scene (From “HUK!”)
    • The Underwater Fight (From “HUK!”)
    • At The Cemetery (From “HUK!”)
    • The Music Box (From “HUK!”)
    • A Huk Climbs The Tower (From “HUK!”)
    • The First Attack (From “HUK!”)
    • Kulak Swears Vengeance
    • In The School Room (From “HUK!”)
    • Huks Kill Pop (From “HUK!”)
    • John Gets The Bad News (From “HUK!”)
    • The Big Retreat (From “HUK!”)
    • The School Yard Scene, Pt. 1 (From “HUK!”)
    • The School Yard Scene, Pt. 2 (From “HUK!”)
    • The Boat Pulls Out (From “HUK!”)
    • Huks Hit The Water (From “HUK!”)
    • The Big Fight / Swim To Shore / End Title (From “HUK!”)
Disc 2:
    • Main Title (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • This Is Tokyo (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Jim Meets Steffi (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Virginwood Club / Knickerbocker Club / Hula Club (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Jim Sees Taro (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Steffi Is Tired (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Kamikaze Class (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • The Telegram (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • The Big Shrine (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • At The Russian Consulate (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • The Kubuki Theater (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Jim Gets The Third Degree (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Newspaper Headline (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Hello, Mamiko! (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Mamiko Is Kidnapped (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Taro In Hospital (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Steffi Cries (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Jim Gives Her A Gun (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Railroad Strike (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Mamiko Dies In Taro’s Arms (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Taro Gets Caught (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • Taro Commits Suicide (From “Tokyo File 212”)
    • End Title (From “Tokyo File 212”)