April Fool's Day (BLU-RAY)

April Fool's Day (BLU-RAY)

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When Muffy St. John (Deborah Foreman, Valley Girl) invited her college friends up to her parents' secluded island home for the time of their lives, she just forgot to tell them it just might be the last time of their lives.

As soon as the kids arrive on the island, someone starts trimming the guest list ... one murder at a time. And what starts out as a weekend of harmless "April Fool's Day" pranks turns into a bloody battle for survival.

It's just what you'd expect from the producer who brought you Body Parts, Species and three of the Friday the 13th films!

Bonus Features

  • NEW Horror With A Twist – An Interview With Director Fred Walton
  • NEW Well Of Lies – An Interview With Actress Deborah Goodrich Royce
  • NEW Looking Forward To Dessert – An Interview With Actor Clayton Rohner
  • NEW Bloody Unforgettable – An Interview With Composer Charles Bernstein
  • NEW The Eye Of Deception – An Interview With Cinematographer Charles Minsky
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Original TV Spots