Blonde Ice (DVD)

Blonde Ice (DVD)

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Beautifully restored from 35mm elements, the 1948 classic film noir Blonde Ice makes its Blu-ray debut from ClassicFlix.

Society columnist Claire Cummings (Leslie Brooks) may have lawfully wed wealthy businessman Carl Hanneman (John Holland), but it's obvious that she's still carrying a torch for her ex-boyfriend and fellow newspaper colleague Les Burns (Robert Paige). Problems arise when Carl learns that his wife still has feelings for her old flame, and he declares his intention to divorce Claire and cut her off without a dime.

When Carl turns up dead, Claire's tight alibi throws the police off her scent and allows her to rekindle her romance with Les, despite his (and his co-workers') suspicion that she may be responsible for her husband's murder. Incapable of warmth or gratitude, Claire soon steps out on Les and sets her sights on another rich conquest (Michael Whalen) who, odds are, doesn't have long to live.

With striking good-looks and acting chops that rise well above the film's B-noir pedigree, Leslie Brooks brings to life one of the most calculating and cold-hearted femme fatales in classic film history in her portrayal as Claire in Blonde Ice. Robert Paige and Michael Whalen co-star with solid support provided by James Griffith (in his film debut), Walter Sande, Emory Parnell, John Holland, Selmer Jackson, Mildred Coles, David Leonard and Russ Vincent (who later married Brooks in 1950—a union that lasted until his death in 2001).

Directed by Jack Bernhard (Decoy) and lensed by George Robinson (House of Frankenstein, The Scarlet Claw), Blonde Ice was adapted by screenwriter Kenneth Gamet from Elwyn Whitman Chambers' 1938 novel Once Too Often.