Bunker Of Blood 6: Zombie Lust Night Flesh (DVD)

Bunker Of Blood 6: Zombie Lust Night Flesh (DVD)

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Full Moon continues its Bunker of Blood clip anthology with films involving the undead and horrific zombies!

The dead want blood in ZOMBIE LUST: NIGHT FLESH, the 6th skin-ripping offering from FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD! This time, we follow The Gore Collector, Molly, and Tape Head as they make their way to the "Desert of Despair" to finally confront the dreaded "Circle of Psycho Surgeons". Deep within the Psycho Surgeons' ruined lair, the trio find themselves in the very same horror hospital that The Gore Collector previously escaped from...but they're not alone! Under the crimson glow of the blood-red desert moon, flesh-eating creatures that now inhabit the structure crawl out, intent on satisfying their unholy urges. Will our heroes escape? SHOULD they escape? ZOMBIE LUST: NIGHT FLESH features a brain-boiling battery of clips from cannibal-corpse-soaked Full Moon classics like ZOMBIES VS STRIPPERS, THE DEAD HATE THE LIVING, THE DEAD WANT WOMEN, PRISON OF THE DEAD, VENGEANCE OF THE DEAD, THE HAUNTED CASINO and LURKING FEAR and is framed by an all new "motion comic" animated storyline. It's the ultimate cool ghoul splatter party and YOU'RE invited! Dig in if you dare!

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