Burglar From Hell (BLU-RAY)

Burglar From Hell (BLU-RAY)

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 A marauding, muscle-bound burglar named Frank the Tank violently invades the home of an elderly woman who promptly turns the tables; killing him with a shotgun and burying his corpse in her backyard before abruptly dropping dead from a heart attack. Several years later, a group of young friends unsuspectingly vacation together at the aforementioned beach house. When their new, witchcraft obsessed acquaintance Token attempts to conjure up a rain spell, she inadvertently brings Frank the Tank back from the grave. One by one the guests are gruesomely dispatched by the wise cracking, pizza-faced, undead burglar in a staggering flurry of maniacal murder and mayhem.

A seminal SOV standout from the early '90s mail order horror boom, Burglar From Hell built a dedicated following in the underground with its riotous mix of practical splatter effects, low-brow toilet humor, gratuitous nudity, and unexpected attempts at social commentary. An engaging time capsule of 1990s Queens, New York that is notable as the feature debut of indie scream queen Debbie D. (Eaten Alive: A Tasteful Revenge), Burglar From Hell helped put filmmaker Phil Herman (Tales Till The End) and his Falcon Video collective on the micro-budget map and continues to intrigue audiences with its endearing homespun charms and bewildering bouts of camcorder phantasmagoria.

Note: This feature was shot and edited on video. Please be advised that the transfer quality is confined by the limitations of the format.

Special Features:
  • NEW TRANSFER from the recently unearthed SVHS master tape
  • Audio commentary with writer / director Phil Herman
  • "A Chip Off the Old Block" - an interview with director Phil "Chip" Herman
  • "From Pop Scene to Scream Queen" - an interview with actress Debbie D.
  • "Rockaway Beach Memoirs" - an interview with actor Barry Gaines
  • "Frank the Tank Speaks!" - an interview with actor Bryant Sohl
  • Bonus movie: THE WRONG SIDE OF TOWN (1989) - Phil Herman's previously unreleased SOV action feature debut! -- Newly scanned from the SVHS master (64 min.)
  • "Mercenary" - an early short film by Phil Herman (19 min.)
  • Trailers
  • Reversible cover art
  • English SDH subtitles