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When a squad of rogue U.S. soldiers begins slaughtering American officers, two tough Army investigators will tear Saigon apart to find the culprits.


After exploding miles of Philippine jungle, director Bruno Mattei and screenwriter Rossella Drudi borrow the plot of OFF LIMITS for an action-thriller that blasts more than just bamboo huts: In the final days of the Vietnam War, a squad of rogue U.S. soldiers begins slaughtering American officers. But when a tough Army investigator (Brent Huff of STRIKE COMMANDO 2) and his partner (Max Laurel of ROBOWAR) are assigned to the case, they'll tear apart Manila-as-Saigon in a frenzy of machine guns, car chases, stock footage, an ear-worm theme song and some of the most brain-scorching miniatures in '80s Italian cinema. Candice Daly (ZOMBIE 4), Werner Pochath (BORN TO FIGHT) and Brett Halsey (THE DEVIL'S HONEY) co-star in this "instant classic" (Comeuppance Reviews), now restored in 2K from the original negative.

Bonus Materials

  • Sweet Home Manila — Interview With Second Unit Director Claudio Fragasso
  • Giallo In Saigon — Interview With Screenwriter Rossella Drudi
  • The Last King Of The Philippines — Interview With Producer Franco Gaudenzi
  • Extended Scenes
  • Trailer