Don Davis: Warriors Of Virtue: Original Motion Picture Score (CD)

Don Davis: Warriors Of Virtue: Original Motion Picture Score (CD)

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BSX Records will be releasing the soundtrack for WARRIORS OF VIRTUE, featuring music composed by Don Davis (The MATRIX, JURASSIC PARK III)

WARRIORS OF VIRTUE was first released on compact disc by Kid Rhino with a short presentation of the score and nine songs at the time of the film's release and later released again in a better presentation by Prometheus Records minus the songs and with more of Don Davis' score restored. BSX Records now presents a new release of WARRIORS OF VIRTUE, with liner notes written by author Randall Larson including new comments from the composer, along with new mastering from Digital Outland, allowing a new audience to discover Don Davis' wonderful score.

Track Listing

  • Main Title
  • Bootleg Left
  • Ryan And The Tunnel Of Temptation
  • The Vortex And The Dare
  • The Wonder Of Tao
  • The Force Of Yun
  • Mudlap Rap / Elysa's Entrance
  • The Lifespring Rhapsody
  • Forces Of Nature
  • Challenge Of Yun / The Force Of Water
  • Chained Melody
  • Theme Of Tao / The Komodo Dragontrot
  • Encounter Of The Roo Kind
  • Komodo's Seduction
  • The Mudlap Trap
  • Chained Melody
  • Tunnel Of Blades
  • Lesson Of Inner Strength
  • Death Of Chung
  • Komodo's Fury And Elysia's Redemption
  • Farewell To Chung / Mudlap's Remorse
  • Marsupial Arabesque
  • Planet Of The Roo-Warriors
  • Ryan's Strengths