Ever Since We Love (DVD)

Ever Since We Love (DVD)

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A medical school student comes of age from romances with disparate women in Li Yu's sensuous drama starring Fan Bingbing

To a medical student in his most hungry, restless, and curious 20s, the whole world can feel too pornographic. Solid knowledge of human anatomy doesn't help him grasp the chaotic desire that attracts him to three disparate women-the fairylike hometown first love, the marriageable college girlfriend, and the sensuous working-woman. It's the 1990s when China just opened herself up to exciting opportunities and new risks, and youth and love were traded as commodities. Women in this crule new world crushes his burning passion, leaving him nothing but emotional pains. As he looks back at his youth as a grownup man, he obtains a new understanding of desire, love, and what it means to be alive.

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