Father Knows Best: Season 5 (DVD)

Father Knows Best: Season 5 (DVD)

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Season Five of the Classic '50s Sitcom Comes to DVD – All 38 Uncut Episodes

Robert Young returns as America's #1 dad, Jim Anderson, in Season Five of FATHER KNOWS BEST.

Betty, Bud and Kathy are all growing into young adults – which means more escapades and mix-ups for Jim and Margaret Anderson to help sort out in between their own adventures in the good town of Springfield, Illinois. The Andersons treated their kids with authority, empathy and wisdom. And by the end of every episode, we'd all learned our lesson.

Surprisingly, FATHER KNOWS BEST had been canceled after its first season, but clamoring fans convinced the studios to bring it back for its six-season run. By its fifth season FATHER KNOWS BEST was a prime-time fixture for NBC, although the program would soon return to the CBS lineup for its last two seasons.

Bonus Features

  • WINDOW ON MAIN STREET: "The Editor’s Daughter" And "The Big Spender" Episodes From Robert Young's Very Next TV series