Gristle's Peak / Blackwell (BLU-RAY)

Gristle's Peak / Blackwell (BLU-RAY)

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Gristle's Peak

On an August morning in 1712 three pirates (two men and a lady) murdered their captain. As punishment, they're marooned on the cove at Gristle's Peak, at the end of the known world. One pistol, with one shot, is left to them. As the day unfolds their rivalries, erotic shiftings, and at least one character's madness emerge. Who can live till morning, on the dreaded Gristle's Peak?


Lou and Vina Blackwell are twins, raised on a Southern homestead, in Georgia. Lou can't speak, so Vina speaks for him. They're violently close, and have been so forever. It's not until our story opens, with Lou's release from prison, that their bond erupts into something more eerie. Might they be in love, after all? With a cast that features a shifty preacher, a swamp-witch, a snake-draped nudist, a busty Southern belle, and their Pa, they're about to find out.