Guilty Pleasures (BLU-RAY) Release April 25/23

Guilty Pleasures (BLU-RAY) Release April 25/23

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Silvia and RoseMarie are two beautiful women with a lot in common. Both are residing in the same luxurious New York apartment complex…and both are trapped within the web of a terrifying nightmare! On the first floor there's Silvia (Alexandra Paulhiac) who has three admirers: an abusive boyfriend, an obscene phone caller, and a police detective with a disturbingly "hands on" approach. Could one of them possibly be the notorious sex killer that's prowling the city streets? On the second floor there's RoseMarie (Sasha Graham), a young ingenue who's attending an unorthodox method acting class in order to prepare for a challenging, upcoming role. A trail of blood and bodies begin to follow RoseMarie when her mysterious friend Monica from back home begins demanding an unwelcomed reunion. As the insanity of her reality and performance start to intertwine, the curtain raises on a blood-soaked denouement of grandiose proportions.

In the tradition of Two Evil Eyes, Guilty Pleasures is a two part, SOV horror anthology conceived by New York based filmmakers Joseph F. Parda & Joe Zaso (5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas, Evil Streets). Featuring acting turns by co-director Zaso (The Wolf of Wall Street), Ruby Honeycat (Caress of the Vampire 2), & Joseph Marzano (Venus in Furs); plus an awe-inspiring, tour de force performance by the inimitable indie legend Sasha Graham (The Vicious Sweet), Guilty Pleasures offers an astounding exhibition of head-splitting gore, salacious sleaze, and nostalgic '90s era NYC street locales. Gleefully inspired by the works of Dario Argento & Sergio Martino, Guilty Pleasures also remains one of the few SOV productions to revel in the stylized, black-gloved aesthetics of '70s Italian giallo cinema.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • Audio commentary with actor & co-director Joe Zaso
  • "A Dangerous Method" -an all new retrospective featurette featuring interviews with co-director / star Joe Zaso and actress Sasha Graham
  • "Duly Impressed" -an interview with actor Carl Marchese
  • Trailer
  • Photo / artwork gallery
  • Reversible cover art
  • English SDH subtitles