Hellgate (BLU-RAY)

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A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the dead back to life and uses it to re-animate his daughter. He lets her seduce any young men who visit the small town--Hellgate--then kills them. Four young students, two boys and two girls, spend a vacation near the town, hear about the story, and get involved.

Special Features:

  • Road to Perdition, B-Movie Style: An extensive interview with Hellgate director Willian A. Levey.
  • Alien Invasion, Blaxploitation and Ghost Busting Mayhem: Scholar, Filmmaker and fan Howard S. Berger reflects on the intriguing film career of Willian A. Levey.
  • Video Nasty: Kenneth Hall, writer of the Puppet Master series, speaks about the direct-to-video horror boom that allowed Hellgate to become a classic of the cassette rental era.
  • Images of Apartheid; Filmmaking on the Fringe in the Old South Africa - feature length documentary on the explosion of cheap action and horror films which took place in South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, and which includes the production of Hellgate.