Hung Jury (BLU-RAY)

Hung Jury (BLU-RAY)

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An unemployed and drug addled loner is sentenced to death for robbing and drowning an innocent girl in 1974. During his execution, he vows revenge on the judge, jury, and prosecutor who convicted him. 20 years later, two actresses are hired by a mysterious benefactor to charter a yacht full of strangers and travel to a remote island locale for a murder mystery weekend. The guests soon realize that the murders are no performance, as a mysterious killer begins dispatching each patron on the island one by one using a variety of gory and gruesome methods.

Undoubtedly the most elaborate, SOV passion project from director Gary Whitson and his New Jersey based company W.A.V.E. Productions, Hung Jury is a mind melting, 1994 island set whodunnit slasher epic of mammoth proportions boasting a huge (mostly non-thespian) principal cast, underwater videography, and exotic yacht and beachfront locations. Featuring performances by Tina Krause (Limbo), Dave Castiglione (Backwoods Marcy), Clancy McCauley (Dead North), and Michelle Caporaletti (Bloody Creek), Hung Jury weaves a perplexing revenge slasher plot together with some of the most over the top kills in W.A.V.E. history; including barn door crucifixion, bludgeoning by dismembered arm, and the most astonishing post-coital weightlifting axe massacre in cinema history!

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • New transfer from the SVHS master tape
  • Audio commentary with director Gary Whitson moderated by Ross Snyder, co-director of Mail Order Murder: The Story of W.A.V.E. Productions
  • Alternate extended cut (119 min.)
  • Audio commentary with Richard Mogg, Author of Analog Nightmares: The Shot on Video Horror Films of 1982-1995
  • BONUS MOVIE: THE PERILS OF PENELOPE (84 min.) -W.A.V.E.'s infamous 1992 ode to the old time, episodic serial cliffhangers starring Hung Jury star Michelle Caporaletti
  • "The Perils of Penelope: The Hypnotic Gem" -Sequel short from 2008 starring Elizabeth Raven (20 min.)
  • Reversible cover art
  • English SDH subtitles
  • "Hung Jury: Fit to Be Tied": a 28 page booklet featuring rare behind the scenes photos plus writings by Grace Lovera (Horror Fashion Review), Taylor Heider (Mondo Videos), filmmaker / artist Caroline Kopko (Cannibal Hookers, Cinderella's Tolerance), plus a foreword by director Gary Whitson