I Died All Over You: Distintive Demoded Ditties On The Topic Of Demise (CD) Release October 10/23

I Died All Over You: Distintive Demoded Ditties On The Topic Of Demise (CD) Release October 10/23

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A multi-genre double-CD compilation, with a wide variety of songs from 1918-1960 on the topic of death, both humorous and bleak.

Descend into the darkness with this vintage mixed genre compilation, as titan's and lesser known names of the music industry contemplate the sometimes humorous,sometimes profound theme of death. 30 distinctive ditties on demise ! Calypso, Cajun ,Blues, Country, Pop and world music offerings invite you to dance to the rhythm and listen along to the keen musings on our own mortality.

Track Listing

Disc 1:
    • The Lion; Audley Francis Washboard Orchestra - Death
    • Douglas Williams Trio - Slow Death
    • Nashville Washboard Band - I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You
    • The Jayhawks - Don't Mind Dyin'
    • The Golden Gate Quartet - Hush
    • Isla Cameron - Died For Love
    • Rickey Jordan with Lucky Thompson - Drop Dead
    • George Weston - Dead Man Polka
    • The Hi-Lighters - Dance Me To Death
    • Bud Messner & his Sky Line Boys - I Died All Over You
    • Scott Garrertt - The Day I Died
    • Scatman Crothers with Riff Charles and Friends - Dead Man's Blues
    • Hank Fort; The Homesteaders - You Can't Hurt Me now Because I Am Dead
    • Svend Asmussen - Dead Man Polka
    • Leslie Sarony - Ain't It Grand To Be Blooming Well Dead
Disc 2:
    • Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers - Dead Man Blues
    • Cactus Pryor and his Pricklypears - Cry of The Dying Duck in A Thunderstorm
    • Np.Toa0uakns - Death Is Approaching
    • Sonny Boy Williamson and His House Rockers - She Brought Life Back to the Dead
    • The Needles - A Dying Man
    • Joseph F. Falcon; Cleoma Breaux - The Waltz That Carried Me To My Grave
    • Gracie Fields (with Ray Noble's Orch) - He's Dead, But He Won't Lie Down
    • Wilmoth Houdini & His Royal Calypso Orchestra - He Had it Coming
    • BBC Dance Orchestra directed by Henry Hall with vocal chorus - I Laughed So Hard I Nearly Died
    • Ida Cox and her All-Star Band - Death Letter Blues
    • Kid Williams and Bill Morgan - When He Died He Got A Home In Hell
    • Buddy Moss - When I'm Dead and Gone
    • Bert Williams - O Death Where is Thy Sting
    • Memphis Slim and the House Rockers - Mother Earth
    • The Poets - Dead