Maria Bamford: Stand-Up Spotlight (DVD) Release May 9/23

Maria Bamford: Stand-Up Spotlight (DVD) Release May 9/23

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Known for her quasi-autobiographical Lady Dynamite! Netflix series, Maria Bamford has toured the U.S. and Canada for nearly 20 years, with 2023 tour dates currently in progress. Bamford is a multi-media comedian and writer, who has spoken at schools and functions across the US. Notably, her commencement speech for the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts was featured in Forbes and Teen Vogue. Her memoir ““Sure I’ll Join Your Cult” from Simon & Schuster publishes on Sept 5, 2023. She is also the co-author of a graphic novella, “Hogbook and Lazer Eyes” which will be available April 2024.

Maria Bamford: Stand-Up Spotlight includes 2 specials from Comedy Dynamics, a Nacelle Company, featuring the critically acclaimed comedian: Maria Bamford: Weakness Is The Brand (2020) and Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special!

Maria Bamford: Weakness is the Brand (2020)

Maria Bamford is back and subjectively better than ever! Weakness is her brand, so get ready to feel much better about yourself. This dynamite lady explodes onstage (after two naps with her husband Scott and two old, pillowy dogs). Let her be the poor example from which your greatness can be determined.

Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special!

Spend an evening with gleeful, oh-so-awkward Maria Bamford via her cozy, shot-at-home comedy special, which has a two-person audience: her parents.