Mother (DVD)

Mother (DVD)

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From SRS Retro Release, an Ed Gein inspired horror tale...

A boy's best friend is his Mother... two Sacred desolate farmhouse... Lost in Eisenhower's America... a compassionate tale of unreasoning rage... a Surrealist grainy Black & White...No dialogue... only dissonant strings & Russian voices... cries lost in the heavens... a descent into madness... Lucifer's lonely man... adrift amidst the century's underside... an Oedipal/Transvestite/Nazi/Cannibal... a White Trash Tragedy...a DiPaolo Moving Picture... ~MOTHER~ Includes the bonus short, "Brutal Ardor" - A young wife vainly seeks comfort from the source of her pain in this deep dive into the self-destructive bonds of an abusive relationship. Trapped in a tiny apartment while fighting against her sexual and monetary dependence on her brutal husband, this desperate young woman is overcome by horrible visions she is unable to control, leading her into the depths of despair and a future that races away, far beyond her control.

Bonus Materials

  • Director's commentary
  • Making Of
  • Bonus Short: Brutal Ardor
  • Trailer
  • Filmmaker's Trailers
  • SRS Trailers