Nobody Waved Goodbye (BLU-RAY)

Nobody Waved Goodbye (BLU-RAY)

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A startling film that shows what teenagers feel... but never tell!

Teenager Peter Mark (Peter Kastner) has it all: supportive parents (Charmion King, Claude Rae), a loving girlfriend (Julie Biggs), and a comfortable middle-class existence. But on the brink of finishing high school, he feels emboldened by his impending freedom, and decides to pursue a rebellious new path. After his parents make their disapproval known, Peter decides to move out on his own, confident he'll conquer the working world with his insight and sophistication. When the reality turns out to be far less glamorous, he settles for a shady new job – that continues his criminal evolution.

Often ranked among the most important Canadian films of all time, Nobody Waved Good-bye is the feature directorial debut of Don Owen (The Ernie Game), who tapped into his documentary roots to deliver a gritty, low budget answer to Rebel Without a Cause. In addition to three of Owen's early shorts, this disc includes Christopher's Movie Matinee – an inventive documentary that shows where Toronto teen rebellion landed just a few years later – and Lonely Boy, the landmark Paul Anka short that preceded theatrical screenings of Nobody Waved Good-bye.

Special Features and Technical Specs:

  • Bonus film: Christopher's Movie Matinee (1968, 88 min.)
  • Three short films directed by Don Owen:
    • Runner (1962, 11 min.)
    • Toronto Jazz (1963, 27 min.)
    • You Don't Back Down (1965, 28 min.)
  • Bonus short: Lonely Boy (1962, 27 min.)
  • Booklet featuring a new interview with Don Owen biographer Steve Gravestock
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles for all six films