Only Thrill, The (DVD)

Only Thrill, The (DVD)

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Academy Award® winner* Diane Keaton (Annie Hall) and Academy Award® nominee** Sam Shepard (Steel Magnolias) are paired as two ill-fated lovers who risk a chance at happiness for fear of commitment.

Reece McHenry (Shepard) runs a clothing store where he meets Carol (Keaton), a seamstress and single mother, looking for work. The two soon find they are attracted to each other but are afraid of expressing their emotions. As the years pass, the deep friendship develops into love, but perhaps because of time and circumstances, it may be too late. Now, Carol's daughter (Diane Lane, Man of Steel) and Reece's son (Robert Patrick, Terminator 2: Judgement Day), who have been friends since childhood, have fallen in love and may be making the same mistakes as their parents. The Only Thrill is the powerfully tender story of love long delayed and almost lost.

*1977: Best Actress, Annie Hall, ** 1983, Best Supporting Actor, The Right Stuff

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  • Audio: English 2.0 Stereo
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