Remote (BLU-RAY)

Remote (BLU-RAY)

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A teenaged whiz kid's obsession with building remote-control toys leads to humorous consequences.

Get ready for a madcap movie about marvelous machines with REMOTE, a wild and hilarious 1993 family film from Moonbeam Entertainment, presented here for the first time in a glorious HD transfer scanned from the original 35mm negative! When 13 year old whiz kid Randy Mason creates a fleet of sophisticated remote controlled toys, he soon runs afoul of both the local bully and his school principal, leading to a suspension and his mother banning him from using his ingenious devices. But when a cabal of crooks comes to call, Randy must defend his turf and rescue his lady love Judy using only his wits and his radio-controlled pals. Directed by Ted Nicolaou (DRAGONWORLD, SUBSPECIES, DON'T LET HER IN) and featuring a charming score by composer Richard Band, REMOTE was only the second Moonbeam Entertainment film to be released to video stores after the smash success of PREHYSTERIA! Full Moon is super stoked to be bringing this action-packed comedy-fantasy movie back from the past, looking and sounding better than ever before. Buckle in for a ride you'll never forget!

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