Seedpeople (DVD)

Seedpeople (DVD)

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Spores from outer space land on a small town and soon begin to take over the town and its people.

The root of all evil! Prepare to unearth the root of all evil with this classic 1992 Full Moon science fiction/ horror movie that will get under your skin! Welcome to the sleepy little town of Comet Valley, where nothing much exciting ever happens. That is, until the town is invaded by sentient plants from outer space! Intent on taking over the Earth, this fearsome foliage has found a diabolical way to pollinate humans, turning them into walking, talking and killing "Seedpeople"! Can Comet Valley's resourceful residents fight off the alien invaders, or is the planet doomed to become a savage garden of alien evil? Directed by Full Moon veteran Peter Manoogian (ELIMINATORS, DEMONIC TOYS and THE DUNGEONMASTER) and co-starring Andrea Roth (ROBOCOP: THE SERIES, THE COLLECTOR, 13 REASONS WHY), SEEDPEOPLE takes its cues from the classic 1956 chiller INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS and cross-pollinates it with the sort of evil critter creature feature that producer Charles Band is known for. The result is a lean, mean and ferociously fun dark fantasy epic, presented here for the first time in stunning HD, remastered from the original negative.

Bonus Materials

  • Contains the original Full Moon VideoZone (behind the scenes) for Seedpeople.
  • Full Moon Trailers!