Surf Reality Movie of the Month Club Collection (BLU-RAY)

Surf Reality Movie of the Month Club Collection (BLU-RAY)

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The New York underground performance art scene in the late 80's was teeming with unique talents. Enter Robert Prichard and Jennifer Babtist (both of Class of Nuke 'Em High), who decided that the madness happening nightly needed to be preserved on videotape, under the moniker of Surf Reality. At the same time, genre favorite Matt Mitler (The Mutilator, Deadtime Stories) was challenged to improvise a feature film in a single day. Prichard and Mitler, who were friends since high school, joined forces to shoot a series of one-day features on video, and so the Movie of the Month Club was born!

This definitive collection features all of the tantalizing and gonzo Movie of the Month Club videos: Kid Scarface, Manic A Go Go, Dick and Jane Drop Acid and Die, I Was a Teenage Bride of Christ, Thrill Kill Video Club, Alien Sex Phone Psycho, Les Enfants Miserables, as well as the previously unfinished Turf of Savage Homicides, and the home video version of Matt Mitler's popular play, Macbeth, King of Scoutland, which wittily (and often irreverently) transplants Shakespeare's tragedy from Scotland to a scout camp.

Art Label is thrilled to bring the Movie of the Month features to disc for the first time, from the best surviving videotape elements of these ultra-rare pieces of alternative moviemaking.

directed by: Matt Mitler, Robert Prichard, Jennifer Babtist, Bennett Theissen, Todd Alcott
starring: Matt Mitler, Kevin Brown, Jeff Eyres, Kiki Flynn, Frank Senger, Carolyn McDermott
1991, 1992 / 485 min (combined) / 1.33:1 / English Stereo

Additional info:

  • Region Free 2-Disc Blu-ray
  • Interviews with Matt Mitler, Robert Prichard, Jennifer Babtist, Chuck Montgomery, Jeff Eyres, Kiki Flynn, Jason Brill, Debra Kaplan, Dale Goodsen, Bob Sikoryak, Julia Martin, and Linda Hill
  • The newly completed, lost Movie of the Month Club feature, Turf of Savage Homicides
  • The home video adaptation of Matt Mitler's wild play, Macbeth, King of Scoutland
  • Matt Mitler reading an excerpt of his essay about Movie of the Month Club
  • Matt Mitler's 10 Commandments of Low-Budget Production
  • A tour of the Movie of the Month Club shooting locations
  • Trailer for Matt Mitler's 16mm feature film, Cracking Up
  • English SDH on all of the movies