Tiger Cage Collection, The (BLU-RAY) Coming to Our Shelves May 9/23

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Get ready for three action-packed films from one of the greatest action/fight choreographers in the world, Yuen Woo-Ping (Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2; Kung Fu Hustle; The Matrix; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). These three thrillers have everything from good cops and bad cops to hand-to-hand combat, lots of shoot-outs, and a high body count. The all-star cast includes Donnie Yen (Ip Man, John Wick: Chapter 4), Simon Yam (Election, PTU), Jacky Cheung (Bullet In The Head), Cynthia Khan (Yes, Madam), Robin Shou (Mortal Kombat) and Michael Wong (Transformers: Age Of Extinction, City Hunter).

Tiger Cage: A team of cops get brutally exposed to violence after raiding a drug operation and discovering a link between few members of the police force and an American crime syndicate dealing with drug trafficking.

Tiger Cage II: An ex-cop and divorce lawyer team up with a gangster to clear their names after getting involved in a dirty money scheme led by a vicious money launderer, who plans to expand his business and wipe out anyone who stands in his way.

Tiger Cage III: Two detectives chase down leads in a case that might bring down the biggest gang boss in the city.