Un Viaggio A Roma (CD)

Un Viaggio A Roma (CD)

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Handel, Scarlatti, Corelli, Stradella, Muffat... From 1650 to the beginning of the eighteenth century, Rome exercised an immense power in attracting composers from all over Europe and experienced an intense moment of musical activity, because of - or in spite of - the papal administration. It was a prosperous period with a melting pot of influences. The programme devised here by the Roman conductor, Rinaldo Alessandrini, offers a complete and personal vision of the time, passionate and secular, lyrical (made sublime by Sandrine Piau) and orchestral, romantic in every way. Rinaldo Alessandrini is one of the leading figures in the international early music scene. His predilection for the Italian repertory and his constant preoccupation with the expressive characteristics specific to the Italian style of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are the decisive factors that orientate his musical approach and interpretative options, both as the head of Concerto Italiano, of which he is the founder and director, and as a soloist and guest conductor.

Track Listings

1 Sonata a Cinque in B-flat Major - Concerto Italiano
2 Sorge Il Dì - Spunta L'aurora - Various Performers
3 Disserratevi, O Porte D'Averno - Various Performers
4 Pure Del Cielo, Intelligence Eterne - Various Performers
5 Tu Del Ciel Ministro Eletto - Various Performers
6 I. Allegro - Concerto Italiano
7 II. Aria - Concerto Italiano
8 III. Canzona - Concerto Italiano
9 IV. Aria - Concerto Italiano
10 Sinfonia - Concerto Italiano
11 Deh, Che Più Tardi - Various Performers
12 Queste Lagrime, E Sospiri - Various Performers
13 Ciaccona - Concerto Italiano
14 Sinfonia - Concerto Italiano
15 Su Le Sponde Del Tebro - Sandrine Piau
16 Contentatevi, O Fidi Pensieri - Sandrine Piau
17 Mesto, Stanco, E Spirante - Sandrine Piau
18 Infelici Miei Lumi - Sandrine Piau
19 Dite Almeno, Astri Crudely - Sandrine Piau
20 All' Aura, Al Cielo, Ai Venti - Sandrine Piau
21 Tralascia Pur Di Piangere - Sandrine Piau
22 I. Adagio - Allegro - Concerto Italiano
23 II. Adagio - Concerto Italiano
24 III. Vivace - Concerto Italiano
25 IV. Allegro - Allegro - Concerto Italiano